Selasa, 30 November 2010


sound modification kijang inovaSound modification kijang inova

Present in the title of first place in the Final Battle Autoblackthrough Jakarta (6-7/12), modifications, based kijang nova this one is quite unique, especially to see the look on the outside. Mengusung skin color can change according to weather conditions, Wang (24) the owner shall confess all of this started on the paint itself ketidaktahuannya own car.interior kijang inova
Interior Kijang Inova

"Car-based black cyralyc this could change color depending on the weather, when sunshine turn into golden color and the gray color can be changed into army green gold," said the man named Andre Wang full on this team modifikasi body kit kijang inovaModifikasi Body Kit Kijang Inova

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